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speak wagamama

learn the lingo

if you don't know your shichimi from your ponzu, we can help! learn the lingo and speak like a wagamama pro


soya beans steamed in their pods. pop them out of the pod straight into your mouth!


japanese dumplings, made by wrapping thinly-rolled dough around meat and vegetables. gyoza may be fried or steamed and are often served with a dipping sauce


traditional korean side dish of pickled vegetables


thick paste that provides a deep, earthy flavour to many traditional japanese meals. miso is made by fermenting soya beans


ponzu is a citrus-flavoured sauce often used in japanese cuisine


ramen is a popular japanese noodle dish combining wheat noodles in a meat -or fish- based broth, ramen is usually topped with spring onions and other vegetables for freshness and flavour


a traditional japanese spice mixture. we make ours with 7 secret ingredients


a sweet soy marinade that gives meat and fish a rich flavour and succulent shine


japanese for ‘vegetables’. when you see ‘yasai’ on the wagamama menu it usually means the dish is vegetarian-friendly